We supply printforms for every printing method in the graphic world.
Whether it is for gravure, flexo or offset. From big to small and wide to narrow, we have a printform solution that fits your needs and demands.

Buying printforms is all about trust and security! Every step in our production is monitored and controlled. This means as a customer at reprocentret you will receive the same high quality every time.


If you need Dummies for proofing, presentation or in the development phase, reprocentret can also produce these on the same substrate and with the same content as the real packaging.

We also make 3D dummies from pdf’s. This can be used in the development phase, among other things; Presentation Slides/Packshots.


We will NOT proof you wrong – but with a perfect result each time – on your own substrate! reprocentret has a large selection of proofing systems. Therefore, we are sure to meet your exact needs regading any proof.

All our proofs are made with icc profiles so quality and colours are garanteed the same every time. If you want a proof on a certain substrate and with different varnishes or metal colour or extended gamut, it can also be done.

A good proof always looks like the final print, and on the same substrate!


A picture says more than a 1000 words. The old saying has only become more true in this digital society where visual communication is often faster and more effective than text.

Of course, there are differences in photos, and whether you need a profile photo, branding photo, pack shot, food / fashion photo or architecture, professional photos increase your impact.

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reprocentret supplies print forms and ready-to-print data for flexo, offset and gravure print from the smallest to the biggest job. We bring over 35 years of experience and specialisation to the job, combined with the latest technology and vision that has made us a noted and respected supplier in over 16 countries.
Our customers today include label-, offset- and flexo printers and brand owners all over Europe.
We have a broad understanding of your orders and easy access to complementary know-how and services to your benefit.

reprocentret decided long ago that it will be in front of testing and investing in new, promising technologies and also the enviroment. For example: we were the first in Denmark to invest in the production of photopolymer sleeves and later in HD Flexo and Pixel+ software. We were the first in the world to introduce Full HD Flexo in 2014, with its incomparable results that quickly became the preferred method for packaging print. The newest investment is a CDI and XPS Crystal from ESKO, taking the flexo quality to new heights!
Today this means that reprocentret are one of the market leading tradeshops on technology in Europe.

Our production is one of the most enviroment friendly productions in Europe, using Ecowash solvent that can be reused time after time. With the lowest impact on the enviroment on the market! reprocentret also focuse on the 17 Goals to Transform Our World from the UN to ensure a constant focus on the enviroment, production and our staff.

Our 60 highly-experienced personnel ensure you the full benefit of the latest technology, the very highest quality and delivery on time for any job – even with tight deadlines.

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we call it flexobility by reprocentret


New packaging design, creative communication, impressive photography, flexo, offset or gravure print solutions
– no matter what graphic communications solution you go for, we’re there to help.
Contact one of our highly skilled contact persons for more information.

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